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Sat Jan 22 12:11:11 PST 2000

On Sat, 22 Jan 2000, Paul Mitchell <pmitchel at> wrote:
> You know, at Coronation, no fewer than 5 heralds started
> conversations with me with the words "you know it doesn't have to be
> in canton!"  (Master Robin suggested I follow the example of Admiral
> Nelson, and place all of ATYC on a chief.)

*splork*!  With "ATYC" on the bend?

> Is Daniel saying that it would be better style if I had the star in
> chief?

No.  Just saying that you have a choice, but since I've been recently
researching putting things in canton, I rather like it at the moment.
Your Mileage, however, May (does) Vary, and *I'm* not the one who has
to live with the result.

Daniel "he's an Axes power" de Lincolia
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