ANSTHRLD - Augmentations and the OP

Teceangl tierna at
Sun Jan 23 14:37:54 PST 2000

> Are augmentations listed in the OP?
> If not, should they be?
> If they should be, should the blazon of the augmentation be included once
> registered?  (Which could be a formatting nightmare to fit that much text
> in an OP entry.)

Unto the Heralds and heralds of Ansteorra, greetings from Teceangl.

Pardon me for breaking in here, but I'd like to present that An Tir does
list augmentations in the OP, in chronological order with any other
non-armigerous awards (for I do not know of any augmentations given ever
which awarded precedence).
For a look at what we've done, you'll find the OP and Roster at

I hope that the way An Tir lists augmentations may be at least a curosity
and possibly an assistive to the precedence heralds of fair Ansteorra.

- Lady Teceangl Bach
  Dragon's Mist Pursuivant
  An Tir
     Sable, seven mascles conjoined three, three and one argent.
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