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Wed Jan 26 20:08:57 PST 2000

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Sara L Friedemann <sfriedemann at> wrote:
> > > Hmmm ... an Index of Ansteorran Heraldic Submissions ... what
> > > a great idea!
> >
> > In addition, it's be interesting to we furriners, too.
> > An Tir has a submissions tracker system, but I have no idea how it
> > works.
> The Midrealm has a submissions tracking database, too.  

In the case of Ansteorra, it's 3617 lines of Perl code + comments +
regression test data, 13742 lines of database thorough thru 1993 and
bits before, and 341 lines of LaTeX.  The program can generate
listings: in LaTeX, HTML, or plain text; listing only in-progress
submissions or all; sorted by branch+name or just name.
Unfortunately, there are hard-coded assumptions about how the process
works that makes it hard to adapt to any other kingdom, and I haven't
thought of a good way to generalize it.

> > When up to date, it's an excellent resource.
> It's not that uptodate, but when it is, like Teceangl said, it works
> marvelously.

OK, OK, I get behind, OK?!  Bad enough when just Francois was nagging
me!  It's now current for 1993-99.  I found the "overdue" problem:
I screwed up one entry and it therefore reported everything
in-progress to be overdue.  I'm working on the "pretty printed" and
HTML versions.  The older version, thru May, is at; I'll put the new version there too, and I
hope on the new Ansteorran server as well.

Daniel de Lincolia
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