ANSTHRLD - CoH web page: what should be on it?

Teceangl tierna at
Thu Jan 27 01:48:01 PST 2000

On Wed, 26 Jan 2000, Daniel de Lincolia wrote:

> > > When up to date, it's an excellent resource.
> > It's not that uptodate, but when it is, like Teceangl said, it works
> > marvelously.
> OK, OK, I get behind, OK?!  Bad enough when just Francois was nagging
> me!  It's now current for 1993-99.  I found the "overdue" problem:

No, no dear.  We weren't nagging.  We were classifying you with all
the other tracker keepers online.  I figure you're about up to par.
Ahead, actually, as the An Tir tracker went dormant for 16 months once.

- Teceangl
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