ANSTHRLD - CoH web page: what should be on it?

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at
Thu Jan 27 16:25:19 PST 2000

>> The question of what to do with all of this new found space can always
>> be a problem.  OK, everyone knows what I am going to say.  Order of
>> Precedence, Roll of Precedence, what is Precedence, a searchable web
>> database, and maybe even a database that can pull up peoples registered
>> Devices. On Line Forms would always be a big plus, so a page just with
>> link for such. But maybe this is just dreaming. :)
>> Rosalia
>> Zodiacus
>If you want the registered devices, that is done online already on 
>several systems linked to Laurel's page. We could join them. What is 
>the utility of doing it ourselves? 

Ah, but you missed one small piece of data:  we've been discussing being
able to look someone up via the OP database and get the _image_ of their
registered device.  Can you say "make presents for your friends with their
device on it???"  Can you say "see what the kingdom registered devices and
badges look like???"  (Okay, let's be real - can you say "cringe at some of
the really old drawings from the early 1980s???")

A massive undertaking, but we have at least 1999's worth of submissions
already scanned in.  Kathri or Gwenllian may have kept the old ILoI
electronic files from 1998, but I don't know.  (hey you two, I tripped over
the .gif files for ILoI 04/98 and have already sent Rosalia the 6 devices
from it that passed - it pays to clean off ancient floppy disks!)

I have hardcopies of most of the LoIs from the last 20 years.  If people
think this is a "good thing" and we can get some people to scan, we can
slowly build up the pool of available images.


(who has a scanner but WAY no time until her tenure is up as Bordure.  Hey
folks, start thinking about who wants to write our LoIs starting in October
or so...  Examples are out on the Ansteorran heraldry site.)

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