ANSTHRLD - CoH web page: what should be on it?

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at
Fri Jan 28 14:59:07 PST 2000

>> to look someone up via the OP database [armorial, I hope] and get
>> the _image_ of their registered device.  Can you say "make presents
>> for your friends with their device on it???"  Can you say "see what
>> the kingdom registered devices and badges look like???"
>Can you say "copyright violation for old forms"???
>Seriously, I have heard it is unclear who owns the copyright on the
>artwork on submission forms.  That's actually the main reason Laurel
>required more-or-less standardized forms SCA-wide.  (Annoyance at

[discussion of copyright issues snipped...]

>If it's on the new forms, which should be anything received by
>Asterisk after 15 October 1998, it's OK.  Also, I presume we can get
>older kingdom stuff on the web page, and any stuff with explicit

So we target only stuff on new forms, kingdom stuff, and maybe devices
registered to groups (baronies, shires, etc)?  

And if we want to allow for older stuff to go in, we can list names for
submitters that we have images for (a huge list I plan to write up anyway -
taken from old LoIs in the Bordure files - I'm sick of hand-searching
them).  Then if someone wants to request to have their device added to the
webpage, they can print out a release form, sign it, and mail it in.
(letting us off the hook)  Now would the form (assuming we go that route)
go to Asterisk so it can get stuffed in the Kingdom file cabinets?
[Hmmm... she thinks, reading over Daniel's discussion again.  "Would the
_submitter_ or the _artist_ need to give a release?  Or both?  What a mess.
 Thank goodness for the new forms!"]

Thanks for catching this, Daniel.  (And cutting our intial target area

Rosalia, the images I sent you were likely not on new forms.  So we should
hold onto them for now.   Maybe store them until we know what we want to do?  

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