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Teceangl tierna at
Sat Jan 29 02:17:12 PST 2000

> As the artist on zillions (okay, okay, but definitely a lot) of people's
> submission forms, I'd say the artist. The problem you'll run into is that on the
> old forms, I don't think there was a blank for the artist, just the submitting
> herald, and lots of times the submitting herald wasn't who drew it. I (used to)
> see my art show up in lots of unexpected places, when people pulled it off their
> submission forms to make banners or dresses or the like.

Had you drawn the device and given it to the submitter, or had you drawn it
up for immediate submission?  Sebastian, my lord husband and art deputy,
expects that once he's handed a person the form with their armory on it,
the art belongs to them but he would wish credit for it.  Certainly, his 
signature is on the form as artist, but he has freely given it to the person
to whom the armory belongs.

Of course, for the roll of arms we're scanning for the shire to put online,
we've simplified things by having him draw everything.

- Teceangl
     Sable, seven mascles conjoined three, three and one argent.
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