ANSTHRLD - Charge Question

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Various thoughts:

I remember an archaeologist who did a lot of original research on Stonehenge
getting a fess couped supported by two billets.  That was out of period, and
probably not compatible with period practice, but we might be able to devise
something compatible.  By the way, does anyone remember where that coat is?
Is it in one of Fox-Davies more popular volumes?

Laying aside Stonehenge, some of the other examples are unshaped, that is
big rock supported by 2 (or more) other big rocks.  Completely
unidentifiable as a charge.  A billet argent might very well be a shaped
upright.  Perhaps with Ogham added as artistic interpretation?

Is the word 'sarcen' period?  I don't have ready reference to an OED.  From
my pathetic little house dictionary I get 'cromlech' and 'menhir' probably
period, and 'dolmen' maybe.


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> At Coronation I was wondering if a "sarcen" is an acceptable
> charge.
> And things got busy and I never really got an answer.
> A sarcen is one of the supporting stones of a dolman.
> They existed in period, but would sarcen be the correct term, and
> would there be a problem with identifiability?
> I read a definition some time ago and it said that these stones
> supported the important "guide" stones.
> Other than that, they just seem to stand around and not do much.
> BTW: One of my "heraldically cruel" things to do to myself is to
> become the Sarcen Herald.
> Thanks,
> Crandall
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