ANSTHRLD - Charge Question

Teceangl tierna at
Mon Jan 31 14:02:21 PST 2000

> > At Coronation I was wondering if a "sarcen" is an acceptable
> >  charge. (snip)
> >  A sarcen is one of the supporting stones of a dolman.
> >  They existed in period, but would sarcen be the correct term, and
> >  would there be a problem with identifiability?
> Identifiability would be the problem, if there was one.  Both dolmens and 
> columns (Roman, obelisk, what-have-you) have been used in SCA heraldry, and I 
> didn't see any rules or precedents limiting them.  But how to depict it 
> clearly?  (Can you say "meatloaf erect?"  At least this particular meatloaf 
> would not have any trouble staying erect.)

Seems to me you have a billet here.  A big one.  No identifyability problem
with a billet, even with irregular edges.  You just can't have it proper.
I beleive a stone arch is an acceptible SCA charge, and this is only a step
away, perhaps not even enough to be a fatal weirdness.

Opinion and conjecture, though, no facts here.

- Teceangl (who knows someone wanting to be Lions Pizzle Herald)
     Sable, seven mascles conjoined three, three and one argent.
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