ANSTHRLD - Want to be a herald at Gulf War? or earn money for us some other

Kathleen O'Brien kobrien at
Fri Mar 3 16:28:04 PST 2000

>hours.  And you can pick where the money goes! Even with the flood and 
>problems last year, those of us who named College of Heralds of Ansteorra as
>our "beneficiary" earned about $80, IIRC.  And you don't have to be 
>volunteering as a herald to name the CoH as your recipient.  Security
>patrols can pay for the Gazette, too!
>Kathri, Asterisk

In their volunteer information, they track how many hours you worked and
where the funds should go.

When I filled out my information for this last year, I noted that the funds
should go to "SCA Inc., Kingdom of Ansteorra", but in the "Note" field on
the check, they needed to write "Heralds" (or maybe "College of Heralds"?).
 This is because the CoH's funds are included in the general Ansteorra
account, but Mirrim (our kingdom treasurer) tracks the CoH's money within
that account.  This way Mirrim could tell how much should go to Ansteorra
in general, and how much should go to the CoH.  

And every bit's a big help to offset the expense of producing the Gazette.

Mari, Bordure
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