ANSTHRLD - KWHS flyers at Gulf Wars MGreene at
Wed Mar 8 18:33:56 PST 2000

Greetings Heralds and Scribes!   If you are planning to attend SCA Gulf
Wars in Meridies, I will be bringing flyers for the Knowne World Heraldic
(and Scribal) Symposium, Jun 23-25, in Houston, TX.; including the event
announcement, class list (to-date, need more teachers) and the
pre-registration form.   Flyers will be available at Heralds and Scribes
Point, with some posted copies at Troll signin.  Also, I will be hanging
round both 'Points' to answer any questions about the upcoming event.  I
hope to see many of you at the War.  Yours,  HE Mistress Hillary Greenslade
Y2-KWHS Autocrat

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