ANSTHRLD - Need conflict check (Ricardo) Kathri at
Mon Mar 13 17:08:24 PST 2000

Per bend sinister sable and Or, a mullet of six points and a raven rising 

This gentleman submitted his name and device through the submission table at 
January coronation, but there was a question about the tinctures of his 
device.  Now that it's resolved, I'd like to match the device to the name 
which is in ILoI0300.  In addition to checking for conflict, tell me if you 
see any other problems in style or precendent.  (One thing about submitting 
straight to kingdom -- we use good heraldic artists.  It's a nicely balanced 
drawing with a distinct 6-pointed star and a wonderfully hairy raven about to 
take off and fly through the starlight.)

Kathri, Asterisk

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