ANSTHRLD - Need conflict check (Walter)

Teceangl tierna at
Mon Mar 13 20:33:53 PST 2000

> > > CONFLICT with Berengaria de Hainault
> > > The following badge associated with this name was registered in
> > > January of 1998 (via AEthelmearc): Azure, semy of hearts argent.

I passed this up as a potential conflict because I believed the proposal
blazon was clear that onlt the sable section of the device had the

> I was (one of) the consulting herald(s).  I don't *think* I misblazoned 
> it, but the above blazoning has a typo in it -- that comma is not 
> supposed to be there.  I blazoned it as "Per bend Vert and Sable 
> semy of hearts Argent" (no comma).  The semy is indeed only on 
> the sable half of the field.  Would it therefore get an additional CD 
> from the above for only being half as many semy'd hearts?

Yes, there is one CD for changes to the field and another CD for removing
hearts from half the field.  (My teacher warns that this is an odd situation
and requires a careful count.  Under normal circumstances taking out half
a semy is worth nothing, as it's still in the 6+ charges range.  However,
she sees and argues in commentary for a CD for removing a semy from half of
a divided field, as it is a definite arrangement change to the charges.)

Were the entire device semy of hearts I would have expected to see:
Per bend vert semy of hearts argent and sable semy of hearts argent.
Per bend vert and sable, overall semy of hearts argent.
> If there's a better way to blazon this, I would love to know!  I'm still 
> learning this stuff. :)

I had no problem figuring out where the hearts go.  Stick a comma after
the vert and it should be clearer.
Per bend vert, and sable semy of hearts argent.
- Teceangl
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