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Mon Mar 13 22:02:36 PST 2000

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> The hearts are only on the sable side.  How do we blazon that?

Well, that will teach me to send email before I've read everything in the in 
box.  I'm going to blazon it:

Per bend vert, and sable semy of hearts argent.

Since the CoA will be, or at least will be able to be, looking at a line 
drawing, presumably they will not be confused about the emblazon.  They can 
argue the blazon all they want, and soon thereafter we'll know the preference 
of the current Laurel.

Thanks for all your help.  I know it's not easy when you don't have the 
picture, but I just couldn't bring myself to fire up the scanner.

who's brain dead from packing, and waiting for Mari to arrive from Bryn 
Gwlad.  Wish us luck. We'll sleep before we travel, but we'll still be 
traveling tired.
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