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Wed Mar 15 09:42:40 PST 2000

(Please excuse my spamming reply to people and lists that I don't know.)

Mistress Shauna of Carrick Point / Jacquie Ziegler <shauna at>:
> Oxford English Dictionary, updated to include words like 'cyberspace',
> in online!

"OED Online is only available on a subscription basis ...
The individual subscription rate is ... US$550 per annum.
Prices for educational and commercial network licences start at ... US$795."

The only free lookup is the Word of the Day.  Today's is "aspect".
If this happens to be The Word you're looking for, this is your lucky day.

The entire OED on CD-ROM version 2 (Windows 95, 98, NT 4 only) is only $400.
The compact edition is $375 + shipping and handling (though,
    admittedly, it's hard to search dead trees and cut-and-paste
The entire twenty-volume full-sized set is $1000 plus $60 shipping and
    handling, less than two years of the on-line fee.

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    tmcd at is my work account.
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