ANSTHRLD - Re: heralds V1 #383

dragondancer drgndncr at
Wed Mar 29 22:39:01 PST 2000

Dear Sirs:

I am in a small dilemma as to what I can have on my shield when I finally go
to battle.  I cannot seem to find anybody here in Blatha An Oire to talk to
about getting my Device submitted and approved...Please have pitty on me and
get me set in the right direction???
What I would like to emblazon on my shield is this:
Or, a Stag courant base sinisterwise, between three rondells ther
any way to verify if it means that the stag is fleeing down towards the left
while looking at it but to the right when behind it(the shield)??? I
seriously need some help...that and with researching my name and household
                     ,many hopeful thanks
              Tina Marie Comroe
          Dragon Dancer
                        Reahnna Blackmoore

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