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> Perusing the last 10 years of Laurels letters revealed:
> November 1993 LoAR
> "Dana Mac An Ghabhann. Name for House Mac an Ghabhann Ruadh.
> Ruadh must agree in case and gender with ghabhann, which 
> in this case would make it ruaidh. Since the submitters 
> allowed no changes or corrections at all to the name, 
> it must be returned."
I was aware of this return.  See my comments below.

> June 1992 LoAR
> "Dana Mac an Ghabhann. Household name for House Mac an Ghabhann.
> Conflict with Clan MacGowan, cited in the LoI. Mac an Ghabhann 
> is merely the older form of MacGowan."
> A conflict was called against an historical Scottish clan then
> and the conflict would remain the same today.
> The grandfather clause would not be of any use for
> this conflict.
Reasonable.  Though most people would not know they were the same name.

> However from Daud's comments it looks like
> House Mac An Ghabhann Ruaidh was registerable at the time.
> Any one else care to take a crack at this one?
The problem with Ruaidh is, and I quote Mama Mac (Dana) : "There has never
been an 'I' in Mac an Ghabhann and there never will be."  I will not say
this is a firm argument to stand upon onomastically, but it is her argument.

I want to try and find a way to satisfy her desires with a registerable
name.  I know it will take some serious work to get this, because she may
dismiss things simply because she doesn't like the letter 'I', for instance,
but I'd like to give it a go.

Any other help or ideas?

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