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Doug Bell debell at
Fri Sep 1 13:12:00 PDT 2000

>     My name is Morgan MacAlpin and I am the herald for Mendersham.  I
> have a person in my shire that wishes to have the following on his
> device:  a pile upside down Az & Vert, two bougets (one on each side of
> the shield on top) with a falcon display,overall, in base a bow,
> Argent.  He was told that it would not passed by a another Herald. I
> think that it will and wanted some more input as to will it or will it
> not pass.  Thank you for any help that ya'll might have in this matter.

It is good to hear from Mendersham.  Rather hot and dry up that way 
right now.

The herald was right.  The device has a couple of problems with 
SCA rules.

The pile inverted azure on a vert field or the other way around
is color on color.  Either the pile or the field would have to be 
changed to a metal (Or or argent).

The other possible problem is with the bourgets, falcon, and bow
looking like a group of charges.  That would be 3 different
types of charges in the same group and the max allowed is 2.
If the falcon is carefully drawn large and clearly overall
this should not be a concern.  If they are all the same size
then problems could occur.

That having been said I would like a little more information
about the design. 

Are the water bougets, falcon, and bow all argent?

How is the bow oriented - fesswise or palewise?

One solution to the color on color problem is to go
with a per chevron azure and vert or per chevron
throughout azure and vert.  This gets rid of the pile 
as a charge and the color problems.  You now have a divided
field instead that looks rather like a pile inverted.

There does seem to a lot going on with this device to
add to its complexity.  That is probably a style 
question that doesn't affect registering it.
Any way you can talk the submittor into two water bougets
and either the falcon or the bow?

Once the design is worked out then it needs to be checked
for conflicts.

I would wait until Daniel has a chance to read the details.
He offers excellent advice on historical style and how
to make a device look really sharp.  He should pop up 
on the list in a little while.

yours in service
Magnus von Lubeck
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