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What Magnus said.  (It's nice to have him so active and helpful;
Ye Olde Pharts can kick back andd sip our drinks in the shade ...)
That is, per chevron is possible, we need more details on the
tinctures and orientations, there's a possible problem of
too many types of charges in one group but a large falcon
can help fix it, it's pretty conplex then anyway, ...

I can only add a few comments.

In period, a "falcon" was draw with a particular style.
That is, it was "close": seen from a side view with its
wings against its body.  Often, they were hooded, jessed,
and belled as well -- in fact, I think most of the time
they were.  That certainly helps distinguish them
from a generic bird.  Any raptor (bird of prey) that was
displayed was called an "eagle", and any eagle was always

Eagles were certainly the most common bird, but falcons were
by no means unknown.  I would suggest that if he wants
a bird displayed he should call it and realize it is an
"eagle", and if he wants a falcon (a reference to his last name
or interests), that he draw it as a falcon: close, hooded,
jessed, and belled.

I should have noted above that eagles were the only bird
known to be displayed (except phoenixes) in period.  Therefore,
any other type of bird that's displayed gets a couple of
- it's considered a "weirdness", which means that there's
  no more room for doubt granted for any other part of the
  design -- "one wierdness" means "you're on the edge",
  "two weirdnesses" means "you're past the edge -- return".
- Any bird displayed is conflict-checked purely visually.
  If in its normal heraldic position, it's possible to get
  more chances for difference based on whether the bird
  was distinguished in period heraldry from other birds.

About the three types of charge: I agree that's complex.
Bows are moderately common in the SCA.  I would consult
with the submitter about what's important to them:
charge type?  orientations?  colors?  number?
Bows are fairly common in the SCA, water bougets are
quite a bit rarer in the SCA (perhaps rarer than in period),
so I would encourage water bougets rather than bows.
If he wants a bird, I would encourage a bird used in period
heraldry and use it in its standard period depiction.

Thus, I would encourage water bougets, then falcons,
and then bows as a distant third.

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