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Fri Sep 8 08:29:55 PDT 2000

Teceangl wrote:
> It's an option which should have checkboxes on the submission
> form.  (Note that I am not an Ansteorran herald and do not know
> much about the submission forms used there.)

Submission forms were unified almost completely by Laurel several
years ago.  There are kingdom options (submission tracking boxen,
signature from the submitter, et cetera), but the check boxen and
what they stand for are not among them.  In short, yes, even
Ansteorrans have those boxen.

> By the way, if you do come up with something you like better,
> you can make it your device.  You submit it as a device change,
> and either have your old device retained as your badge, or
> released from registration.

Stephen, were you thinking of a device change?  If so, we'd be
glad to help.  In addition to Tec's notes, know that if the
device change is returned for some reason, your old device
remains registered to you as your device -- it's released or
badged only when the new device passes.  That is, there's no risk
of losing the old before getting the new.

More details than you may want about "badges", and I hope I don't
confuse matters much more:

Briefly, our use of the word "badge" oversimplifies and fails to
match period practice.

In period, badges generally didn't have outlines at all, much
less circular ones.  They were usually "fieldless" -- no
background, but just an object or a couple of connected objects
that you might cast out of metal, as just one example
implementation, and pin to your hat or your retainer or whatever.
The only reasons the circle is on the badge form are because
someone years ago misinterpreted a famous set of depictions of
the Stafford badges, because it's convenient to tell at a glance
the difference between a device submission and a badge, and to
make sure people don't draw things too large.

However, that's *period* badges.  In *period*, badges were pretty
much used to mark something as "that's mine": servants, for
example.  In the *SCA*, "badge" is used much more generally.  It
means "anything except the one (1) device you're allowed to
register".  Guild armory, the flag for use by the populace to say
"I'm Ansteorran", award insignia, office armory -- all these are
called "badges" by the SCA, but period people wouldn't have
called them "badges".

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