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<< Can someone post directions on how to use on of the online
conflict checkers? >>

No, not really.  Learning how to count CDs does take some work
and time, so I really wouldn't advise it just for one piece of
armory.  Of course, if you want to learn all about the art and
science of heraldry, we'll be glad to turn you to the heraldry
side of the Force, he said with an evil leer.

In period, hawks were "close": seen in side view, wings against
their sides.  They were usually hooded, belled, and jessed, to
make it clearer that they were hawks.  Striking and rising (I
think there's no difference granted between them; I think the
only noticable difference is in foot position) are quite modern.
Would you be willing to consider a close posture with the
standardsy accessories?

Adding a bordure or a chief is fairly common in the SCA, so while
it is doable barring conflict, I like to mention other
possibilities as well, some done far more in period than in the

- Strewn charges on the field, such as mullets (stars), crosses
  (usually crosses crosslet: + with little +s on the end of each
  arm), roundels (filled disks), annulets (rings), escallops (sea
  shells, like Shell Oil).
- A charge on the beast itself, usually on the shoulder.
- Multiple identical charges in identical postures.  For charges
  on an uncluttered field, I'd expect 3 arranged 2 and 1, or 6
  arranged 3 2 and 1, to fit the shape of the standard shields.
- Vair.  Problem: tedious and annoying to draw / paint / sew.
  Done a lot in period though, if you're willing to work.
- Striped tinctures.  Rather Germanic, but not unknown

Any other suggestions, folks?  I'm certain I'm missing a few, but
my mind (such as it is) has gone blank.

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