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> Another name question about Northkeep's Baronial service order.  One
> of the names we have been considering is, :" The Order of The Lion's
> Paw of Kenmare".  Does this conflict with "The Order of The Lion's
> Paw" which is registered to the Barony of Lyondemere?

Go to the Rules for Submission.  RfS V covers name conflict.  At the
end is

    c.  Conflict of Names with Different Numbers of Elements - Two
    non-personal names with different numbers of descriptive elements
    conflict if the only difference in the descriptive parts is the
    addition of one or more modifiers to a single, already modified
    root element.  The addition of one or more modifiers to an
    *unmodified* noun is a significant change, so "Black Lion Herald"
    does not conflict with "Lyon King of Arms".  The ""Order of the
    Black Rampant Lion" conflicts with the Black Lion Herald",
    however, since "Rampant" is added to an already modified noun.
    (Adding further modifiers to an already modified noun is not a
    significant change because it is generally not good period style.)

Since "of Kenmare" is a modifier, describing which paw is being
discussed, and since "lion's" is also a modifier, it would indeed

> their Execelencies NK

Does anyone have any period or non-period examples of "<style>
<location>", as in "His Majesty France" or "His Grace Norfolk"?
Until we do, please just use "the baron and baroness of Northkeep",
or "the Crown of Ansteorra" (a period synecdoche, I believe), or what
have you.

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