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Sun Sep 10 23:45:20 PDT 2000

Da'ud is making noises about disengaging slowly from SCA heraldic

Gawain of Miskbridge: I don't know that he conflict-checks, and I
think his commentary is sometime sparse.

Slavador, the guy in Bryn Gwlad that holds commentary, has said that
due to an acute attack of life he won't be able to host it.  Mari is
often busy, Gwenllian too, and neither they nor I am willing to host

That leaves Magnus -- a good guy, but just one voice.  And, this year,
at most one other commenter per month: this year, it's been Jaravellir
(in the Middle), Maridonna (in Atlantia), or Northkeep.

What can we do to get commenters, new or old?

One thing I've tried, but it's never sparked anyone else to do it:
comment on this list or others, in hopes of starting discussion.  That
allows better research, careful thought, and larger participation than
the road-show face-to-face meetings, but nobody seems interested.

Any other ideas?

Daniel de Lincolia
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