ANSTHRLD - Bordure Office open - NO APPS SO FAR!!!!

Brent Ryder borekvv at
Mon Sep 11 05:54:17 PDT 2000

Unto all Heralds of Ansteorra,

I need an application for Bordure Herald immediately. This office will be 
open as of the end of september, I would like to have someone in place 
before then. This is a very important position and should not go vacant.

Please apply immediately. Below is some general info on the job. Please 
contact either Mari or myself if you have any questions.

Borek, Star

>From Mari:

>I will do the September LoI as planned.  I'm pretty sure that I can hold
>out that long.  But I had hoped to use that LoI to train a successor.
>There is NO way I can do an October LoI.  Work deadlines will not allow 
> >it.
>So, we need a candidate for Bordure and we need it fast.
>The most important requirements are:
>	- ability to meet deadlines
>	- basic editing ability
>	- very basic knowledge of armory & names
>	- ability to organize the office & keep up with it.
>Bordure's duties are:
>	- compile the ILoI, ICC, & AICC into an LoI
>	- get the CoA mailing out each month
>	- assemble the packet of forms and send it to Laurel
>	- write a Letter of Response to Comment as necessary
>	- notify submitters of Laurel's decisions
>	  regarding their submissions
>Bordure can recruit as much help as necessary.
>Building the LoI takes me an average of 5 hours.  Assembling the Laurel
>packet takes 2-3 hours.  Writing an LoRtC takes about 3 hours - but I've
>only had to do one about every 3 to 4 months.  Writing the notification
>cards, addressing them & mailing them takes about 4 hours per LoAR.
>Assembling the CoA mailing usually takes about 2 or 3 hours, including
>waiting at the copier at Office Depot.
>Unfortunately, the same time restrictions that prevent me from keeping >the 
>office any longer than planned are the same ones that will prevent >my 
>assisting in the hunt for a Bordure candidate.  I will be glad to >answer 
>any questions they have, but I'm working insane #s of hours >right now 
>(nights, weekends...) and don't even have time to keep up >with my personal 
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