ANSTHRLD - Where are the commenters?

Jennifer Smith jds-emma at
Mon Sep 11 07:01:57 PDT 2000

On 11 Sep 00, at 1:45, tmcd at wrote:
> What can we do to get commenters, new or old?

I'm more or less planning to try to start a commenting group here in 
Mooneschadowe. I suppose I should get on the stick. 

> One thing I've tried, but it's never sparked anyone else to do it:
> comment on this list or others, in hopes of starting discussion.  That
> allows better research, careful thought, and larger participation than
> the road-show face-to-face meetings, but nobody seems interested.

As one who rarely can make CoH meetings, let alone make it up to 
Northkeep for their regular commenting meeting, I'd love the ability to be 
able to at least listen in on an on-line commenting discussion.  Of course 
the list volume would be larger, but eh.  

Other thoughts: someone mentioned a class in "how to comment".  I'd 
settle for a decently written article!  

-Emma, Mooneschadowe Herald

Jennifer Smith
jds-emma at
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