ANSTHRLD - Where are the commenters?

Riane le Cygne rianed at
Mon Sep 11 08:43:42 PDT 2000

>Other thoughts: someone mentioned a class in "how to comment".  I'd
>settle for a decently written article!

Same story here with me. I would love to know more about how to comment 
well, but my mundane job is over the weekend so weekend excursions are out 
for me. It would be difficult for me to make to a class unless it was 
offered during the week. I would love an article. Something in clear 
concrete steps on "how to..." Since we are a small shire I have limited 
resources at home, but I have access to the University library.

Perhaps a get together with more experienced heralds in each of our areas. 
Would anyone in the Ffynnon Gath area (San Marcos) be willing to teach me?

Lady Riane le Cygne
Ffynnon Gath herald
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