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Tue Sep 12 09:37:15 PDT 2000

>From the immediate ex-Asterisk (also enjoying her vacation):

What Borek said about accepting online forms, essentially: H*** Yes Ansteorra 
and Laurel Do.  Use Them.  

What Mari said about not chopping off tracking boxes (or any other lines and 
boxes), essentially: Please don't.  (I have seen cases where the check boxes 
themselves didn't print, although the descriptive text did.  Please watch for 
this, and be sure the submitter's preferences are indicated in some way or 

What Daniel said about every configuration producing a slightly different 
printout, essentially: Yes, it happens but it doesn't matter.  

Size is not as big a problem as location on the form, and I solved both of 
them as far as being able to scan an acceptable version for the Gazette and 
LoI.  A template guarantees that the top right corner of the graphic lands on 
the same spot on the scanner bed every time.  After that, "Mask" and "Size" 
options on the graphic software got everything close-enough-to consistent on 
the ILoI and LoI.  I never had any complaints, and I taught Meredudd how I 
did it.  (She may be using a different method if she's using her own scanner 
and software, but the problem is still small and the solution is apparent in 
the LoI's she has done.)

Stamp Out Rumors! Submit! Submit!

Kathri, X*
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