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Tue Sep 12 12:41:09 PDT 2000

(Sorry about any duplicate copies.)

> I remember one other point...Laurel would not be able to scan
> the incoming form correctly (I think it had something to do
> with character recognition software.)

In my experience, most forms are handwritten, and thus the
important information (name, name docs) couldn't be Optical
Character Recognitioned regardless of size.

Asterisk has to edit and reformat the history and documention
heavily enough that OCRing the form would not be a timesaver.

It's the responsibility of the kingdom to copy the needed info
from the form onto the LoI for use of Laurel.  Laurel generally
doesn't work with the forms except to order the filing grunts to
  - check that the correct number of copies are in the packet
    ("non scriptum non est" is Latin for "no tickee, no shirtee"),
  - check that the names match the LoI,
  - check the item histories against the money received,
  - stamp them ACCEPTED or RETURNED,
  - file them.
Laurel scans forms for archival purposes, but I think it's just a
scan of the entire form verbatim.

The ultimate squash for this rumor is that, as Mari or Kathri
noted, if there *had* been any problems, either Laurel or
Asterisk would have long since broken in to chew gum and kick ass,
and chewing gum isn't period.

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