Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Sep 13 08:43:28 PDT 2000

> done off of Daniel's Word97 doc.

I did the "yellow masters" that Gwenllian mailed out when they
were adopted (I dunno if Asterisk is still mailing out copies),
and the forms on the Web.  I think that they only differ by the
word "web" in the corner, simply because I was curious about
where people were going to get their forms.  Asterisk, if you're
here, would you mind doing a count this month?

Who did the RTF forms?  I'm curious about how popular that is
versus MS Word -- can anyone add "RTF" to the fine print?

I thought someone said that there were Adobe PDF file versions,
but I don't see them at the Web site.  Did someone say "RTF" and
I misread it as "PDF"?  Blasted plethora of file formats ...

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