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Thu Sep 14 07:58:26 PDT 2000

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> > WTG Baroness Kathri!!!
>  Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!?  

I'm used to Stephen's verbal "Way to go!" so I read his acronym aright.  At 
least, I choose to believe so.

>Kathri got a *COURT BARONY*?!?
>  Oh, wow!  CONGRATULATIONS, Kathri!  Well deserved!

Thank you.

>  Daniel "now I'm envious" de Lincolia

Yes, I'm getting all the mileage I can out of "I get supporters and you 
don't!"  I'm leaning toward a basket and a badger -- "a carnivorous burrowing 
beast with a reputation for stubbornness" per the Pic Dic; also know for a 
strong defense and rare, but ferocious, attacks. <g>

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