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Thu Sep 14 13:12:20 PDT 2000

Yes, more people have asked for my help with their 

Elanor O Ruark wants a Gaelicized version of this name

For her device, she wants 'Argent, two chevronelles 
between two shamrocks (4 leaf clovers), and a harp vert

The closest thing I can come to it is:

Anna Ridley|9412Q|d|Argent, two chevronels vert between 
three irises azure.

I think there is a cd for tincture and another cd for 
type of charges in the secondary group

Let me know what you thing and if there are any 
conflicts I missed.

Also I have a device for Annette (from Lindenwood):

'Or, a dragon segreant to sinister purpure'

She originally wanted 'Or a dragon segreant purpure', 
but I found a conflict for that. She may want to add a 
few roses to correct the original design, possibly an 
orle of blue roses. Her goal is a simple design, so I 
think my first suggestion above will be the best one.

I am also looking for suggestions for clearing the 
visual return of William Wurm's device:

Per pale wavy and per fess wavy; 1 and 4 gules a hood 
Or, 2 and 3 barry bendy azure and argent.

This was originally just quarterly and was returned for 
marshalling. Making the field division a complex line 
cleared that problem, but created another of 
identifyability. I am going to try redrawing it to make 
it visually more identifyable, but would appreciate any 
other suggestions for clearing this problem.

Thanks for all your help

Borek, Star
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