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I indicated in one of my Pale letters that as soon as I knew what date
next year's KWHS would be, I would let people know.  Well, the dates
are June 1-3, 2001.  The event will be held at the DoubleTree Grand
Hotel in Bloomington, MN (this is really close to Minneapolis - a hub
for Northwest).  The rooms are going to be approximately $79 per night
(this is a special rate for the event).  More information will be
forthcoming as the event stewards are working on getting a website put
together and other publicity.

Please feel free to pass this info on to others (I am posting to the
Middle Bridge, MK Heralds and SCA Heralds) so folks can start making
their plans.

In Service,
THL Clarissa Wykeham
Dragon Principal Herald, Middle Kingdom

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