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> Rainbows--they can't be used on a device, right?

Actually, they can.  Per the Pic Dic:
A rainbow is a multi-colored arc found in the sky in rainy or misty weather.  
As found in heraldry, it is an arc fesswise, embowed to chief, the ends 
terminating in clouds. The default heraldic rainbow has four bands; when 
blazoned "proper", these bands are Or, gules, vert, and argent, with argent 
clouds, on a dark field; and on a light field, the bands are azure, vert, Or, 
and gules, with the tincture of the coulds to be specified.  The rainbow is a 
period charge, found in the arms of von Mosen, c. 1600.

The "natural rainbow proper", an SCA invention, has white clouds, and seven 
colored bands, as found in nature: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, 
and violet.  Technically, the natural rainbow proper is a neutral charge, and 
may be placed on any tincture of field; in practice, the field should not be 
a dark one.

So there you have it.


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