ANSTHRLD - Name submission at Coronation

Wilim Penbras wilim.penbras at
Tue Sep 19 10:27:50 PDT 2000

Greetings unto the Heralds of Ansteorra,
     I submitted my name at Coronation then found a conflict. Then relied on the list to pull my name out of the Fire.  I sent the modified name in to the Herald that did the paperwork at Coronation and then got copies of the paperwork in the mail.  I had thought copies would have went up the pipe but I've yet to see them anywhere.  Is there more steps for me to do?  I've already paid for it and I'd like to go to the website and see my name on a LOI.  I haven't seen my lady's submission either and she paid/submitted at the same time.

Thanks for any help,
     Wilim Penbras ap Gurgeneu
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