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R Husted rhusted at
Thu Sep 21 08:06:43 PDT 2000

> Now, the big questions....
>   I would suggest sometime in the first two weeks of the month.  Which day?

While I do not expect meetings to be planed around my schedule, the
first two weeks of the month are the worst for me. My husband works part
time evenings, Monday -Thursday, and I would not be able to attend
unless  his classes do not fill up. (Fridays are still open, but I dont
suppose that would be a good day at all.)
I am very interested in becoming involved, and would realy like to join
you, so if you do choose a time durring the first two weeks of any given
month I would simply be a less regular atendee. :(

>   What part of town?

As I am comming from southern Brazoria county, West or south side are
best for me North side is simply too far to drive most evenings.

I also wish to request a child friendly home. I have 3 children who are
mostly well behaved.

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