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> In Bardsley, s.n. Jennings there are several examples of the name
>  <Janyn>. Is this feminine?

I don't think so.  Bardsley gives the meaning as "son of John" (note the 
masculine), and there is some discouragement in the next entry, for 
"Jennison, Jenney, Jenny:"

    The feminine Jenny was probably not in use at this time.  It is almost 
certain that it was a masculine form at first and a modification of Jenin. 

Which implies to me that Jenin / Janin / Janyn was also masculine.

>  One entry says 'Item to Janyn Marcazin, mynstrelle..." Is the word
>  'mynstrelle', a feminine?

Given the state of English spelling at the time of Elizabeth of York, I 
wouldn't bet a wooden 8p on it, much less 66s.

If the submitter really loves the name and wants to register it, suggest 
checking the "don't care" box on the gender preference question.  There is 
evidence of women being given masculine names in England.  It was probably 
more common in the written forms than the spoken, and I have it feeling it is 
more common in the SCA than it was in England.  But it is a reason to do it.  
Sorry I don't have the dates and places.  


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