ANSTHRLD - Documentation for surname L'Heureux

Jennifer Smith jds-emma at
Tue Sep 26 20:13:01 PDT 2000

We've got a newcomer interested in a French name, with a surname of 
"L'Heureux".  Apparently he found it back in his geneology somewhere, but I 
can't find it in Dauzat.  It seems to be spelled in various ways in modern 
days (closer phonetically, ie "LaRue", and whatnot), so I'm not 100% sure 
that spelling is period.

If altavista's translator is to be trusted, this would seem to be French for 
"the happy", which seems to me to be a fine surname, but that's as far as I 
can document.  Help?

-Emma de Fetherstan
Mooneschadowe Herald

Jennifer Smith
jds-emma at
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