ANSTHRLD - Three Bridges Conflict in ILOI 0800

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Thu Sep 28 12:46:54 PDT 2000

Timothy of Glastonbury, Forerynel, Timothy Rayburn
<timothy_of_glastonbury at> wrote:
> In the upcoming ILOI 0800 the following entry is found :
>     14) College of Threebridges (Elfsea)
>     New device. Name in LoI 07/00. Argent, three bridges in pale and
>     on flaunches azure two laurel wreaths argent.
> Magnus von Lübeck 
> [Device] Conflict with Suzanne de la Ferté November of 1999 (via
> Ansteorra): "Argent, in pale three artist's brushes and a pair of
> flaunches azure each flaunch charged with a feather argent." There
> is one CD for changing the bridges to brushes.
> Now, I may be completely off-base here, but the conflict found my
> Magnus has a complete change of Primary Charge (brushes to bridges)
> and that each of these arms further has only one type of primary
> charge.  This would seem to qualify it for X.2.c
>     c. Armory that has only a primary group of identical charges,
>     accompanied only by a secondary group of identical charges, is
>     simple armory.
> Now, it is entirely possible that I am missing something here, but if
> this is the case I would appreciate someone explaining this to me.

You are indeed missing something: Magnus had a brain fart and forgot
the point you made.  Excellent call, and many thanks!

As the intro to X.4.j.ii mentions, "Only the new submission is
required to be a simple case in order to benefit from the following
clauses [so you didn't have to write about 'each of these arms', just
the new submission].  Simple cases are defined by the following
clauses.  The word 'charge' refers both to charged and to uncharged
charges unless it is specifically qualified [and that doesn't happen
in (c)]; a group of charges may contain one or more charges." (So you
didn't *have* to list all the examples and go into details, but the
one example of the charges with charged bordure was at least a good

So Threebridges is indeed simple (no cracks from the peanut gallery),
and they're clear.

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