ANSTHRLD - Fwd: Artemisian April Fools LoI

Ansteorran Kingdom Star Principal Herald herald at
Mon Apr 2 07:50:06 PDT 2001

Greetings CoA commenting members!

For those interested in such things, Golden Wing 
prepared an April Fools LoI that Pillar posted.  She 
waited until today for obvious reasons.

These files are NOT web pages, but they are posted on
Valerie's web-page.  The URLs are listed below.  One
way to view a file is select the most appropriate 
format, access the relevant URL, save file locally 
without changing filename suffix , and then open file.  
Note, again these files are posted on a web page but 
are _not_  web pages.

LoI, but emblazons at another URL:
   rich text format file (11KB)

1 page of mini-emblazons for above LoI files:
   .gif file (53KB)

If you still want a file e-mailed, contact Mei Li at
valerie_lee at .

Yours in Service,
Yin Mei Li
Pillar Herald
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