ANSTHRLD - Device submissions - Kimball Ross, etc

Brent Ryder bryder at
Tue Apr 3 12:34:10 PDT 2001

Howdy all

Since there was a conflict for Kimball Ross' proposed submission of 'Azure on a cross nowy logengy Or, four lozenges 1,2,and 1 azure', The submitter has asked if we could just reverse all colors

This makes it 'Or, on a cross nowy lozengy azure, four lozenges 1,2, and 1, Or'

I have found some things fairly close and most of what I would call near or possible conflicts are between a regular latin type cross and this one.

What do you all say. Is there a CD between the crosses?

The other submission is a pain to conflict check.

Richard of Durnford has proposed a device "Azure, a Falcon Displayed facing sinister Or, sustaning in it's claws a fish naiant argent, in chief a Norse Sun Cross"....

Nevermind, this I believe is slot machine heraldry. Three dissimilar charges on the field :-(

He wants a combination of these elements. Azure field and displayed falcon the primary wishes. Norse Sun Cross and Fish are just acceptable elements for CD's.

Let me know if you all can think of anything that might work that would be period, preferably Romano-British in style and sporting these elements.

Borek, Star

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