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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Thu Apr 5 15:54:54 PDT 2001

> three mullets of six points and in base three mullets one and two and ...

Default mullets are of five points, so that has to be specified.  (The
blazon above would be instaboinged for "sword/dagger": having two
types of 

How about this blazon?

    Per saltire sable and argent, in pale three mullets of six points
    two and one and three more one and two, and in fess two griffins
    rampant addorsed, all counterchanged.

The "two and one" makes it clear that it's not all the mullets that
are "in pale", but rather that the two groups of mullets are the
things that are in pale.

Awkwardness of blazon is often an indication of non-period style.
I don't think that this is actually returnable, tho' you can see the
boundary from it.

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