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Agnarr Thorvaldsson agnarr at
Sat Apr 7 22:48:42 PDT 2001

Greetings to the Heralds of Ansteorra

I'm the Seneschal for Crossrode Keep, and we do not have a local herald at this time, so I thought that you all could help me with following three device proposals a few members here have for any conflicts, before they make the actual submissions:
(I'm going to try and emblazon these the best that I can.)

First Device: 
Gryonny of eight, Azure and Or; a wolfs head Erased, Argent.

Second Device:
Gryonny of eight, Argent and Azure; an Orle of eight Moline Crosses Counterchanged.

Third Device:
Gules; a Saltaire, Argent; within Five Doves, Azure.

I wish to thank you all in advance for your help.

HL Agnarr Thorvaldsson
Seneschal, Crossrode Keep
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