ANSTHRLD - New device

Brent Ryder bryder at
Mon Apr 9 08:51:11 PDT 2001

>Gryonny of eight, Azure and Or; a wolfs head Erased, Argent.

'Gyronny' by default is 'of eight' and so does not need to be blazoned. Also, most things are not capitalized:

'Gyronny, azure and Or, a wolf's head erased argent

>Gryonny of eight, Argent and Azure; an Orle of eight Moline Crosses >Counterchanged.

'Gyronny, argent and azure, an orle of eight crosses moline counterchanged'

>Gules; a Saltaire, Argent; within Five Doves, Azure.

I have assumed that the doves are on the saltire. Otherwise they are color on color:

'Gules, on a saltire argent, five doves azure'

Hope this helps for conflict checking


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