ANSTHRLD - Per saltire mullets and griffons oh my

doug bell magnus77840 at
Mon Apr 9 13:16:54 PDT 2001

>Per saltire sable and argent, in chief three mullets
>of six points and in base three more one and two, and
>in fess two griffins segreant addorsed, all counterchanged.

Oops, it does need the in chief.  Good catch, Daniel!

Excessive counterchanging doesn't seem to be the problem here nor does 

The blazon is tripping over itself because:
Mullets with non default number of points.
Two groups of mullets where a single charge could
have been simply blazoned.
Both groups of mullets in different arrangements, one of which is not the 
What we call in geology, two planes of mirror symmetry for a crystal.  The 
in fess and in pale charge groups both have mirror symmetry and it is 
awkward to blazon.

It won't be returned for conflict but I would advise
the client that this is an iffy non period style
return.  I would prefer to let the SCA College of Arms chew on this and 
would not advise its return at kingdom.

Magnus von Lubeck

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