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Thu Apr 12 09:25:08 PDT 2001

  I originally put the files out there so that we would have electronic
copies archived with no real thought of a "pretty" or usable interface. The
inconsistancy is from the various naming structures the previous Asterisks
have used.  It is only recently that we have needed to access the ILoI from
the web.

 I have thought that it should have an index page like the rest of the
submission products (ICC/AICC, LoI.)  I also wanted to convert them to HTML
so that more people would be able to view them.  As a project taken together
I have not had the time or ambition to take it on to completion.  I could
created the index first....   


ps: it will be an index.php3 like the rest so I can get a hit count of the
page :-)

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(The ILoI directory
is rather disorganized and inconsistent.  Francois, are you
planning to put an index.html page on there to organize things
and make it more readable?)

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