ANSTHRLD - Apples and Oranges

Teceangl tierna at
Mon Apr 16 04:37:18 PDT 2001

> I am waiting for "Fieldless, an orange proper" so I can
> use that orange marker for the first time.  I don't
> believe there are any orange charges in the SCA
> Armorial.

What an *awful* thought.
> Thanks to this months epidemic of Purpure fields the
> leftover purple markers are getting used up.
> Please submit more purpure and vert, I need to use
> up those orphan markers.  Any takers for proper
> charges to use up that box of gray and brown
> Crayola markers.

People wonder why our local children's officer has so many orange,
brown, pink and gray markers and so few of the other ones.  :)
> It really is time for bed.

Goodnight, Magnus.

- Teceangl
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                  "He washed his mouth and can't do a thing with it."
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