ANSTHRLD - Fwd: Heraldry Help

Brent Ryder bryder at
Tue Apr 17 14:59:00 PDT 2001

Unto HL Borek, Star Principal Herald of the Great Kingdom of Ansteorra, do
I, Father Ryan Mannleigh, send Greetings of joy and peace;
My dear Cousin and Friend, I was in conversation with Her Highness this
afternoon in regards to registration of name and device within our Society.
Although I have played for a time now, I have yet to pursue registration
correctly apparently.  I submitted name and device two years ago at Elfsea
Springfaire but all record has been lost, so far as all can tell.
I would appreciate, at your leisure, if you would view my proposed name and
device at and provide feedback and give counsel on
needed changes.  I understand the request presents a special favor and do
beg you to take the time only when your schedule permits as it is not of
desperate matter.  Until we next meet may you continue to have blessings of
good health and unbridled success that is the will of our Creator.
In service, I am,

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