ANSTHRLD - Cyneric's own devices

Richard Culver rbculver at
Thu Apr 19 05:44:57 PDT 2001

>>Gules, a shakefork sable fimbriated [argent], overall on a pall inverted
>>argent a Norse sun cross gules between three spearheads points to center
>>sable, a bordure argent.
>I would be more concerned about its complexity of 8
>and the identifiability of that many charges than any reminder of the 60s.

   I am willing to ditch the bordure.  It just looked nice.  If that will do 
it, then I can attempt to draw it up this weekend and send it out as soon as 
I get my name information together.  If that still is a problem then I will 
ditch the shakefork.  BTW what is the recommended thickness for palls, 
pales. fesses, etc.?
   I am getting my other wrist operated on tomorrow so I should have plenty 
of time on at least one hand.


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