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Darin K. Herndon darin-herndon at
Tue Apr 24 16:59:36 PDT 2001

Daniel wrote:
>[Hey, gang!  Let's put on a College of Arms!  Stargate, you doing
>anything in particular for the next, oh, 3 years?

I admit that I'm almost back to having time to do something on a 
fairly consistent basis.  This was a little more than I was 
considering though.  Surely there is a middle ground...

Seriously though, I would be more than happy to support an Ansteorran 
Laurel (and/or Pelican depending on how duties divide) if someone has 
time and is motivated to do a high-quality job.  I'd be happy to 
support Modar, Teceangle, or our other out-of-kingdom lurkers though 
that may be more problematic.  (Though now that I think about it, 
Forgotten Seas [Kansas City] is as close to me as Steppes.  See 
Modar, more incentive  ;-))  For that matter, I may even have a 
potential storage place for a set of the Laurel office files (how 
many cabinets are there now?).

>Damme, why did Gwenllian have to be moving out of kingdom *now*?
>I even offered to marry her and make her a kept woman so's she could
>stay in-kingdom and bid, but she says I don't have enough money to
>keep her in the style to which she'd like to become accustomed, and
>besides she wants to be one of them career wimmen ... -- DdL]

Just for the record, you wouldn't need to propose to me either.  I 
think Rosamund would shoot at least one of us.

But on a more serious note, just for discussion as it were:
if a viable Ansteorran were to apply for Laurel (or Pelican as part 
of a team) who in kingdom would be willing to offer support and what 
type of support would you be willing to offer?  Perhaps a listing of 
potential minions (err, I mean helpers or staff) would encourage 
someone who is considering applying.

Seigneur Etienne de St. Amaranth
(on enforced sabatical from the college due to a life rampant improper)
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