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Mari / "Kathleen O'Brien" <kobrien at> wrote:
> Brown is considered "proper" for the hull of a ship.
> James Parker's device at:
> (submission:)
> The resubmission passed.  It was registered in 09/99:
> James Parker. Device. Counter-ermine, a bend sinister between a
> caravel and a sea lion Or.

If the tincture of a charge is omitted, the next tincture applies.
This ship is gold.

> So, for this device, I'd say:
> Azure, a viking ship sailed argent.

By the same rule, this ship would be white.  "A longship proper sailed

> (Would we give the technical term for a viking ship instead of "viking
> ship"?

In 1997, one blazon with "longship" was registered, as was one with
"Viking longship".  I think there were tubby merchantmen used in
Viking times; if so, "longship" would be necessary.

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